Two months in for this plant-based girl and I realize that I have literally dropped off the face of the earth with my food blog (maybe I shall blame it on the eclipse!).  To the handful of you that actually follow this thing, I say thank you and many apologies for not giving an update sooner. Oh but the plight has been real!!!  This plant-based diet has not been an easy one.  I think I mentioned  in an earlier post that one of the reasons I decided to venture into this new leafy realm was not only due to my strong desires to explore a healthier (albeit “on-trend”) lifestyle, void of consuming anything that came from an animal but also for health reasons, allergic health reasons to be exact.

But what I now have clarity on… drum roll please…is the fact that I am what I would like to dub as “PBD intentioned on the daily” but..with the slight gravitational pull towards seafood when needing a protein source that doesn’t give me an allergic reaction…Oh! and a bread consumer (yes, the kind that’s made with eggs) when eating at a restaurant.  Wow, if that wasn’t a lot to digest and “soooo LA”!!!

So, why have I made such adjustments to my diet you ask? Well, for starters, I got hives and an allergy attack a few weeks ago to something I was consuming (my hunch is that I’m either gaining an allergy to or having a new intolerance to peanuts) and I’ve been having some unfortunate stomach cramping and issues with anything containing soy.  Soy oh boy, not my friend!!!  Now I knew going into this diet that I was allergic to soy but I didn’t realize how pestersome this plant-based protein would be to my body. So to that end, I decided to make a conscious decision to add seafood (fish) back into my diet and to the best of my ability I will make sure I know where it’s sourced from (wild not farmed!).  I also decided that although Los Angeles has some great restaurants for plant-based food-goers (Crossroads Kitchen, Sage, Araya’s, RICE, just to name a few), it’s really not ideal when you do a lot of dinners out and the majority of restaurants cater to omnivores.  So to that end, I have decided that I will incorporate bread back into my diet.  For health reasons, I’m also still steering clear of cheese and have been feeling great since I cut out the delicious chunky, sprinkled and slicey devilishly stinky pieces of heaven.

What’s next for me you ask?  Well, I’m going to continue to trek along this uneasy territory and continue to learn what I can and cannot eat but while staying as plant-based diet intentioned as possible.

Two product shoutouts, I recently got turned towards the direction of a food intolerance test called PinnerTest (by Pittney Bowes) and Grow_eens giant protein cookie.  PinnerTest you can find on-line, Grow_eens is only at Juice Crafter locations.  If you’re anything like me (and you’ve already done allergy testing and shots) and still have issues when eating a variety of different food options, then I encourage you to take a food intolerance test.  And, if you like delicious nut, seed and dried fruit packed protein cookie-esque type food, then you’ll go bananas over Grow_eens…just don’t expect to find it at your local grocery store!

Overall, I will say that I am very happy with the feeling and results I’ve received from eliminating meat, dairy and eggs. I am determined to commit myself to this diet and to this blog.  I may not write as frequently as I did during my 30 day challenge but I will continue to share my plant-based plightyness.  To turning over a new leaf!


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