Growing up in an American household, I was filled with an abundance of food.  Which by the way, I guarantee you that if I had stayed in Korea I would most likely not be the same body structure that I am today…but I digress.  Anyway, we always had a full “American style” meal in front of us with food from every food group and dessert to top it all off.  I was always a smaller boned frame so to me I could naturally eat whatever I wanted and quite frankly if you ask anyone, I was what they called a “grazer” when I was a child.  Well, to my dismay, it catches up to you!!!  No matter what you think or believe about your genetics or body type, eating healthy is immensely impactful at any age…so the earlier, the better!

Most recently and maybe most unfortunately, I’ve become more aware of this fact as I creep up in age.  With different truths about food and the source of where my food comes from, I wrongfully and arrogantly pfft off other peoples food ideals and smirked at those who scoffed at my meat eating ways.  But alas, the beauty of the internet, word of mouth, and Netflix is the fact that we (in this free country) have a copious amount of information right at our fingertips. So of course, I was just like every other working woman out there who multitasks on the regular…keep a tidy house, fit workouts in at all times, eat healthy when possible, maintain a happy and healthy family and social life, travel for work and pleasure and maintain personal interests like writing (uh hem…the aforementioned) tennis, yoga, calisthenics, and newly adopted golf.

Sooooo, when I watched Food Matters earlier this year, and then watched What the Health (upon numerous recommendations), my food world turned a bit upside down. Why would I be so easily influenced you’re probably asking?  Well, A) that means you haven’t watched either yet and B) I was already pretty much a pescatarian aside from the cured meats I would jam down my face with a block of aged Gouda and glass of wine every now and then, so why the heck not…I really didn’t think it would be that much of a change…right?!?

WOW! Was I wrong.  Not that omitting meat was that hard but cutting out cheese, butter (ghee in particular) and SUSHI has been a bit of a struggle.  And not only that but I had absolutely NO IDEA that all of my protein bars (something I had become so reliant on as a pre-workout or pre-activity snack in my multitasking world) were animal-based and even my vitamins contained gelatin, which unbeknownst to me comes from animal as well!  Durrrr….who knew!!! Fun factoid (number 1 of many I’m sure), gelatin used in most soft gel capsules or chewable for that matter, comes from an animal…yes, you read that right (I still consume chewable gummies and yes, they contain animal byproducts)!!!…pork is the most widely used here in the US since it’s the cheapest and that’s quickly followed by beef and fish (gasp).

So now, where does that leave all of my prior food habits?  Well, for the time being, I’ve decided to leave my omnivorous lifestyle for one month (the month of July and hopefully longer), and explore a new adventure through the growing fields of plant hood, otherwise known as herbivore land (yes, like the plant-eating dinosaurs before me).  Mimicking the pastor grazing cattle I once consumed, my decisions moving forward will leave all forms of animal consumption to the wayside as I venture into this new unchartered territory.  Stay tuned as I press Ctrl. Alt. and Del. on my past omnivorous lifestyle and RESET into my future as a vegan.

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